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Woof Twisters



Woof Twisters are made of nutritious, all-natural ingredients and contain no artificial flavours or preservatives. The shape of these breadstick-like “cookies” is inspired by more-ish cheese twists, and are made with puréed pumpkin, crushed freshly roasted peanuts, eggs, and wholewheat flour, making them not only healthy but also easy for our furry-friends to digest. For your smaller canine friends, we will be introducing little ball-sized “Woof Bites” made of exactly the same ingredients – a treat that is sure to leave ear-to-ear grins on both humans and they furry children.

As with all of Cookie Smiles’ products, proceeds from the sale of Woof Twisters are directed to charitable enterprises that support the local community. 15% of all annual profits are dedicated to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Hong Kong (SPCA). This is in addition to the 20% that the charity donates to Splash Foundation and the Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association, generated from the sales of Cookie Smiles ‘human’ cookies.