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Smiles For Health

Social enterprise Cookie Smiles and Adventist Medical Center will be partnering together to help support the underprivileged Indonesian domestic helper community. Money raised by Cookie Smiles in 2022 will go towards free health checks and breast diagnostics for those in need within Hong Kong’s second largest ethnic minority population.


As part of the new initiative, the Adventist Medical Center will be offering their health checks services to Indonesian domestic helpers (vetted by Cookie Smiles) once a month between August and September 2022. The health checks include health screening via laboratory tests, breast diagnostics via ultrasound, Cervix Disease Screening and a follow-up report.


Check-Up Dates:
  • Sunday the 28th of August 2022
  • Sunday the 25th of September 2022


To take part in the Smile for Health Campaign, please download the form at the bottom of page and submit it to info@cookiesmiles.com.hk by the 31st of July 2022. The first round will have 30 placements available.