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During a time where positivity is essential, Cookie Smiles has partnered with SING A WISH to spread some joy with a song called ‘Rainbow.’

It all started with Victoria Hui, a talented young girl who composed the song at the age of five. With a winning attitude and a heart of gold, she is now the proud composer of a handful of songs, all backed with a meaningful message.

To kick off this special campaign, our classic Confetti Choco Snaps will be packaged with ‘Victoria’s Rainbow Cookie’ stickers this year. To express our gratitude to our generous donors, every song by Victoria will be associated with a different cookie or munchie treat.

As an added bonus, SING A WISH and Cookie Smiles have created a goodie bag consisting of Cookie Smiles’ Confetti Choco Snaps, repackaged with a new label called ‘Victoria‘s Rainbow Cookies’, along with other party favours. Each goodie bag is associated with different tiers of donations ranging from HK$1,500, HK$5,000, HK$10,000, HK$30,000 and HK$100,000. Any donation size is welcome, regardless of purchasing a goodie bag or not. All proceeds will go towards Cookie Smiles beneficiaries, Splash Foundation, the Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association, Little Yellow Flower and the Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association.

As we ride through these unprecedented times, it is important to remain hopeful and to always remember that there is a light at the end of every tunnel. Even through the social distancing and the global restrictions, music always finds a way into peoples’ hearts. And with Gigi Leung as a number one fan, stay tuned for a press event this April where the duo will perform side by side, hand in hand.

A sincere thank you to our supportive donors: Gigi Leung, Gilbert & Martina Yeung, Rachel Kar, Cassio, Nanos, Partywhere? EvolPro IT Solutions, Evol Production, evollove, niin, SBakery by Mama Soo and Central Smile.