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Seasonal Cookies

CNY Woof Bundle


No family affair would be complete without the satisfaction of our canine friends. For only HK$250, you and your furry companion will receive a CNY-themed bandana as well as two 150-gram packs of Chinese Herbal Woof Twisters. Yes, you read that correctly – our classic Woof Twisters have been infused with Chinese Herbs* to ensure that your (furry) best friend reign in the Lunar New Year as healthy (and happy) as can be.

*ProVet Bones & Joints Formula for dogs is tailor-made for dogs over 1 years old and is great for strengthening bones, joints and ligaments, especially for dogs with post-bone surgery cases or inherent joint and bone problems. It also tonifies the liver, kidneys and promotes overall body health.

100% Natural Chinese Herbs. No Preservatives, Artificial Colours, Artificial Flavours Added. Passed the safety tests including Heavy Metal Determination, Pesticide Residue & Microbial Evaluation. Made in Hong Kong.

Coconut & Pineapple Lucky Charms


To ring in the Year of the Ox, we have spent weeks experimenting, tasting and perfecting our first ever Coconut & Pineapple Lucky Charms. A perfect marriage of sweetness and zest, these gold and red bite-sized balls are reminiscent of classic Chinese New Year colours that perfectly complement the festive season. Our Lucky Charms were specially curated for the most auspicious season of the year, and during a time where the old meets with the new, we pay tribute to the time-honoured traditions and timeless recipes used to wish you all a sweet and prosperous Chinese New Year.

For those opting for a refreshing yet flavourful treat, our Coconut Lucky Charms will be the perfect treat for you. Made of coconut milk, palm sugar and shredded pieces of fresh coconut, these bites are positively delicious and absolutely bursting with flavour.

If you’re someone with more of a sweet tooth, our Pineapple Lucky Charms are sure to satisfy your cravings. Made of fresh pineapple jam, spices from the highlands and then slow cooked to perfection, these Lucky Charms will leave you coming back for more.

For HK$388, you will receive one 260-gram tin of Lucky Charms, with approximately 24 charms, containing two lucky messages for you to unlock.

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