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Ah Mei and Wei Wei: From line cook to apprentice bakers

Ah Mei and Wei Wei are both representations of the importance of perseverance and tenacity. Throughout their careers in the food and beverage industry, they were both made redundant twice; but that didn’t’ stop them.

Always up for a challenge, the duo reached out to Agnes and were greatly interested in being re-trained as bakers. For the past year, they have worked tirelessly in a bakery and café, gaining well-rounded and real-time experience that has resulted in tremendous growth. Now, both in their mid to late 50’s, they are armed with all the skills of a professional baker, and have been working diligently as a core part of the Cookie Smiles team.

From not understanding the difference between types of flour to now, using all kinds of specialized baking ingredients, both Ah Mei and Wei Wei have proven that redundancy and despondency is only a state of mind. One’s attitude must always remain healthy in order to turn a bad situation into a good one. Both Cookie Smiles and the EAGAA are very proud to be part of their journey and hope that their success story is only the first of many.

YY Chow, Volunteer Resident Baker

Armed with a Hospitality Management Degree from Sheffield Hallam University, UK, NVQ Professional Bakery diploma and further Diploma of Professional Cooking (Patisserie and Confectionery), Chef YY Chow has more than 20 years of experience in the catering industry.

Chef Chow followed the internationally renowned chef Ian Kittichai for producing star rated desserts. After working as a pastry chef in a high-end Italian restaurant and a historical bakery in the UK, she had a fruitful career as a pastry chef in Hong Kong. First, as Head Pastry Chef at the Issaya Siamese Club (Hong Kong branch), then as the Demi Pastry Chef at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, and was also in charge of teaching and programming at the New East Culinary Group (Hong Kong Division).

She currently serves as the Academy Director of Complete Deelite and is regularly featured by major media publications for culinary-related programmes.

Ah Tong, Visiting Intern

Joining our team in November, we are delighted to welcome Ah Tong to the Cookie Smiles team. Although he suffers from a speech impediment, it by no means, limits Ah Tong in his efforts and ambition towards life. He is currently training for the Paraolympic Games, and will continue to assist as an intern in the kitchen.