Our Bakers

Ah Mei and Wei Wei : From line cook to apprentice bakers

Ah Mei and WeiWei were both made redundant during the 2008 financial crisis where they were working in a supermarket and a food court, respectively. During that difficult period, they were connected to Agnes, who subsequently retrained them to work in an Asian Food Court. Unfortunately three years later, the landlord shut the food court down, leading to redundancy number two.

Always up to the challenge, the duo was interested to being retrained and for the past years, worked with a bakery and cafe in all levels of capacity. Now, both in their mid to late 50’s, armed with their desire to continuously upgrade and be employable, their enthusiasm in western baking has allowed Cookie Smiles to retrain them as apprentice bakers.

From not understanding the difference between types of flour to using all kinds of specialized baking ingredients, both Ah Mei and Wei Wei have proven that redundancy and despondency is only a frame of mind. One's attitude must be healthy in order to turn a dire situation into positive actions. Both cooks turned bakers are now trained to do all of Cookie Smiles cookies.

EAGAA is proud to be part of their journey and adventure in an already very uncertain world.