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Felix Zeller

Co-founder | Director

Agnes Chin

Co-founder | CEO


The Edible Artists Global Academy Association was founded five years ago by Agnes Chin. It was clear that many up-and-coming cake artists were struggling and trying to gain entry into their desired, yet competitive profession. Thus Agnes, with the international support of cake artists from the U.S., U.K., and Europe, decided to cultivate a network of like-minded individuals in the hopes of sharing, supporting and proliferating each other’s’ talents in the world of the culinary arts.

Fast forward to present day, the EAGAA has evolved into a flourishing non-profit organization with a vision of spreading love for the Edible Arts. Its core board members still comprise of international chefs and artist from all over the world and to this day, serves as a support platform for a community of culinary artisans, cake artists, home bakers and cooks – all looking to improve, retrain and network.


Master Pastry Chef & Chocoletier

Chef George has travelled the world and have held  many exciting career challenging positions.  He is a member of the South African Chefs Association, Chain des Rotisseur and inducted to the Academy of Chefs, South Africa. He now resides in Sarawak as the Chef Patron and co-owner of Razzmatazz Bistro & Bar.

General Director & Founder of Asia Bakery & Confectionery Private Enterprise 

Mr. Kao Sieu Luc started in a small facility in District 11 - Ho Chi Minh City in 1989; where all productions were hand-made and managed by family members. After an exciting career, with the “Dừa lưới” bread as his greatest success, Mr. Kao left the Duc Phat Brand in 2007 and eventually started Asia Bakery & Confectionery, also known as ABC Bakery.


President of Hong Kong Bakery & Confectionery Association and Shine-VTC's External Moderator (2021)

In a moment of transition towards new possibilities of expression between the traditional Chinese and European influences, Louisa Ho is playing an important role in gearing up the evolution. Whether it is due to her institutional role as president of the guild of bakers of Hong Kong, or due to her long professional career, the path ahead that she has blazed is exercising considerable influence upon her compatriots in a pâtisserie that is being redefined.

Co-Owner of Bake Me a Cake

Mercedes Strachwsky is a self-taught cake designer and co-owner of Bake Me A Cake with her husband and fellow pastry chef Alex Strachwsky. Mercedes discovered cakes when she ordered a birthday cake for her son and was not happy with the results. She began a hobby in cakes and it continued to grow. As she continued creating new ideas for cakes her passion grew into teaching. Nowadays, she enjoys teaching locally and internationally, sharing her passion with many. In addition, Mercedes travels the world demonstrating her Satin Ice rolled fondant techniques.

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