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Love 4 Luke

Jo met Luke Inkin in 2013 when he was 5 years old through Dr. Kai Cheong of Queen Mary Hospital and he was diagnosed with leukemia at the time. He had a long and difficult battle for an ongoing two years but won! In Oct 2019 Luke started to have unexplained weakness and pain. After numerous tests, multiple hospital visits the family’s worst fears were confirmed and the cancer was back!Luke began treatment immediately in Nov 2019 and is currently battling childhood leukemia for the second time. As Luke has relapsed and the nature of his diagnosis has changed from having cancer in only his bone marrow, to a more rare situation where the disease is in both his bone marrow and central nervous system, the treatment protocol this time is much more aggressive with the potential side effects being more extreme, life threatening and a risk to his long-term quality of life.Cookie Smiles has created Pink Confetti Snaps to help the Inkins raise funds. It costs $200 for every pack of snaps and funds raised through the Love 4 Luke–Cookie Smiles Campaign will help with everything form ongoing medical costs, support therapy, travel expenses and loss of income for theI nkins. Join Agnes and Jo on their humble mission to help the Inkins quickly and directly!

Support Us and Order your Pink Confetti Snaps @HKD $200.00 (200g)