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Amidst the Covid-19 upheaval in 2020, Agnes Chin (the director of Complete Deelite) sensed an opportunity to help spread joy and hope in a time when it was sorely needed. She partnered up with Jo Soo-Tang, an NGO advisor, fellow cooking aficionado, and mother to three, to create Cookie Smiles; an online fundraising platform. Born with a mission to support the disadvantaged, and to satisfy the world with the greatest comfort food ever – the cookie. The cookie collection is designed to delight both children and adults alike. Only the freshest and finest ingredients are selected to bake, handcrafting delicious cookies delivered directly to you. 

Cookie Smiles is a social enterprise under the Edible Artists Global Academy Association (EAGAA), whose purpose is to help support two chosen charities per year via fundraising, offer training opportunities for the disadvantaged and provide jobs for the physically impaired.

The Team

Agnes Chin

Co-Founder of Complete Deelite Founder & President of EAGAA and Co-Founder of Cookie Smiles

A native of Sarawak, Borneo, developing food related products and innovating different ways to engage with the general public has been her passion since her youth, a trait she owes to her late mother.

Agnes Chin has always been a person of adventure with a keen sense of always looking out for a true purpose in all that she endeavors in life.  Her latest foray with Jo Soo-Tang in birthing “Cookies Smiles” has been a seed, that has long been waiting to be planted.

Jo Soo-Tang

Co-Founder of Cookie Smiles, Strategic Advisor of Food Made Good Hong Kong

Jo Soo-Tang is the Co-Founder of Cookie Smiles, an Advisory Board Member and Strategic Advisor of Food Made Good Hong Kong and has been involved with the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation (HKAHF) for over 35 years. Food Made Good Hong Kong is a chapter of the UK’s Sustainable Restaurant Association, dedicated to making every meal served out of home as sustainable as possible.

Jo is also an active member of NGOs including: WWF-HK and Splash Foundation.

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